Brian Head is open after water freezing.

On February 1-2, sub-zero temperatures and a power outage caused water pipes to freeze in several homes and condos in the community. As heat returned to the units, the broken pipes flooded the affected dwellings. Quick response by the Town Public Works department and property managers saved many of the structures that could have suffered damage. In spite of the recent setback, Brian Head Town businesses are open and ready for the upcoming Presidents Day Weekend. “While approximately 10% of the total dwelling units received some type of water damage during the February 1-2 power outage with freezing temperatures, we still have 90% of the condos and cabins ready for holiday visitors.” said Tom Stratton, Public Works Director. 


A survey of the lodging and rental businesses found that there are plenty of units still available for rent for the upcoming holiday. “While the resort was closed on the day of the power outage, we are completely open and have plenty of fresh snow.” reports John Christoffersen of Brian Head Resort. Complete information on accommodations and events can be found at the Chamber website and Resort information is available at


Most of the restaurants, stores and the other businesses were unaffected by the storm and owners are looking forward to one of the seasons busiest weekends. The Town shuttle service is operating 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. to move guests around town.

Scott & Barbara Hunt

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